Information for owners

Our centre is run by two very experienced therapists with knowledge of rehabilitating numerous challenging cases. If you are unsure about which therapy your pet requires, feel free to contact us or have a chat with your vet. You can also click the button below to find directions on how to find us.


We will never work with a case without a referral from a MRCVS veterinary surgeon and a full clinical history. Once we are treating your animal, we will send you copies of the vet report and an email version of your treatment plan if your pet is undergoing physiotherapy. If you have any questions after receiving a report or exercise plan from us, do not hesitate to get in touch with us before your next session.












We offer physiotherapy sessions and hydrotherapy (both pool and underwater treadmill). If you have requested physiotherapy referral for improvement in sporting performance or for a pre or post-season/competition session, please bring video footage of your dog competing or working.

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